(Please, if you are so inclined, go right ahead and make a pun about the name of our group. Deride us in any way you like. Won't bother us a bit. We've a very healthy sense of humor about ourselves. We'll probably laugh right along with you.)

...We rather jokingly sometimes refer to ourselves as "super-heroes for hire," but in reality we're more like soldiers of fortune. Like the A-Team (but even if I, Captain Grey, am the leader, I'd be more like HMM- Howlin' Mad Murdoch- rather than Hannibal Smith). Information about our group is sketchy as yet (I haven't made it all up yet). But I can tell you that the days of the week have been renamed to rhyme, and to represent certain concepts. And we each have our own day.

formerly Sunday. the new name's pretty much self-explanatory. take a day off. rest. commune with whatever higher power you may believe in.
this day belongs to friar tek.

formerly Monday. if you've ever happened to be alive and on this planet on any given Monday, you'll understand the desire to send out a distress signal.
position currently open.

haven't definitely renamed Tuesday yet. considering calling it "animeday."
position currently open.

formerly Wednesday. its new name stems from the fact that i, captain grey, used to watch a show on public tv on "wednesday" afternoons, called French in Action. it apparently tried to teach French language usage, or some such. the reason i occasionally watched it, however, was because i liked this girl on it. the character's name was Mireille, played by Valerie Allain. it was an old show, from like the late 80s.
this day belongs to Lieutenant French.

formerly Thursday. its new name stems simply from the fact that grey's my favorite color, and thursday's my favorite day of the week. there's not much more i can think to say about it just now.
this day belongs to me, Captain Grey.
(Please note: this has nothing to do with the Madness song.)

formerly Friday. i think we all understand the concept of Fridays fairly well.
this day belongs to Mr. Green, who also works for another of OverPerson Dave's personalities, nobodyman, as a waiter at his Black Beret Café. Mr. Green's nickname (or perhaps even his real first name, tho he'd never tell) is Cash. among other duties, he handles the payroll for the Warriors.

formerly Saturday. whaddaya know, another pretty much self-explanatory name. it's the weekend, kids. have fun. play.
position currently open.

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