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The Paranormal
This is, for me, secondary to the conspiracy stuff. But it can still be rather interesting.

The first thing you have to understand is the fact that little, if anything, is truly supernatural, unless you count the works and philosophies of intelligent civilizations such as Mankind. Any living thing is a part of nature, and that includes aliens from other worlds and dimensions, as well as creatures such as Sasquatch, Yeti, Chupacabra, Vampyres, ghosts, dinosaurs ancient and modern, et al. As well as living things, anything that abides by the natural laws of the Universe cannot truly be considered supernatural. Magic, as has been noted by many people, is simply science sufficiently advanced as not to be understood by less advanced peoples. If there are such beings as a God or gods who created the Universe (or more accurately, Multiverse) and established the laws by which each Universe operates, such beings would likely be capable of changing those laws at whim, and could therefore justifiably be considered supernatural. Any lesser being can but work within those laws, even if they know ways of doing things beyond what is currently known by modern Earthfolk. There are things you would think impossible and against the known laws of science, and you'd be wrong about some of those things. Don't feel bad; countless things throughout history have been considered scientifically impossible, but were later proven quite possible, and are now commonplace.

Once you've accepted that pretty much everything, however unknown, uncommon, unlikely, is actually natural, the second thing to understand is the distinction between "the supernatural" and "the paranormal." Many people tend to use the words almost interchangeably, I find. But that's just wrong, and I rarely use the word "supernatural," for reasons I've just explained. What I investigate is the paranormal, which, quite simply, is anything that isn't normal. (That is to say, unknown, uncommon, unlikely.) You may want to look up "supernatural" and "paranormal" in your dictionary, and it may have similar definitions for each. Which just goes to show, dictionaries are written by normal people. ...The point is, the paranormal is perfectly natural, just not commonplace. One of the best examples of this is cryptozoology, the study of or search for animals not yet recognized as real by the general scientific community. Many animals you can visit today at the zoo or aquarium were once considered mythical.

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