International Shadow Conspiracy

ISC. That's what I call them. Actually, that's what I call pretty much any sort of generic or specific conspiracy. Most often, however, I'll use it to refer to IERO, the International Extra-terrestrial Research Organization. I'll try to tell you a bit about them and other versions of the ISC. I'll try to move between "fictional" realities such as X-Files and Dark Skies (to name but two of many), as well as report some of the information I turn up in my own investigations.

Speaking of fictional realities, you must understand that almost any of them, as well as established "real" conspiracy theories and the like, get some things right and some things wrong. Of course, I'm just as capable of getting things wrong. You should take anything I say with a shakerful of salt, but I'll let you know the way I think things are (or were).

Oh, the stories I could tell...
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