a few of my theories

...About wars in general. Naturally, many of them are pretty much what they seem on the surface. Many of them do have deeper, hidden purposes, causes, or implications (such as I mentioned further down this page about the Viet Nam War). But aside from such specifics, you should be aware that some wars are for the general purpose of justifying continued development and construction of more and greater weaponry. Just imagine if there were world peace and aliens suddenly invaded! (Plenty have imagined this before, I'm hardly the first.) We'd be unprepared, wouldn't we? Some people question why, if the government secretly believed in UFOs and aliens and was covering it up... why wouldn't they be preparing for possible invasion, when clearly they're more interested in spending billions on terrestrial warfare? It's called hiding in plain sight, people. The ISC has people pulling strings behind the scenes of pretty much every government on Earth. They can work together for various purposes, including starting wars between their respective nations. And the justification of continued military spending is just one of the reasons for this. But it's a big one. Our defensive and offensive capabilities will continue to grow stronger, more plentiful, and more advanced. Oh, when the invasion inevitably comes, I think we'll be ready.

...About Prohibition, The Powers That Secretly Be didn't want the common folk having such an outlet of personal escape, however temporary and unreal. They can be real sons of bitches sometimes. But of course, they can also be completely unrealistic. When they finally accepted that they'd never be able to control alcohol consumption, they decided to try to turn it to their advantage. First they repealed the prohibition laws, then they slowly began to work on making alcohol and other simple drugs seem like a good way to escape for a while, to make folks less apt to think too much, or meddle; and indeed, make folks less socially acceptable and less credible, as well as destroying brain cells. And the stronger the drugs, the more expensive: because those who could afford expensive drugs could potentially become the most dangerous, and therefore had to be dealt with most effectively.

All I can say is, enjoy your freedom, if you wish, to escape through drink (or whatever), but please do so responsibly. All things in moderation.

...As for TPTSB, they themselves have access to far better stuff than the rest of us will ever know exist... Multi-million dollar per bottle champagnes, for example, from super top secret vineyards, some of them not of this Earth...

...The Viet Nam War, it should be understood, was nothing more or less than an attempt to avert nuclear Armageddon. Anyone who believes the United States couldn't have won that war decisively and in fairly short order (and I do not mean through the use of nuclear weapons) probably doesn't understand much of anything, and it's a wonder to me that they manage to get out of bed every day and act as contributing members of society. Or it would surprise me, if I didn't already have such a small opinion of contemporary society. No, of course we could have won. And what would have happened if we did? I'll tell you. The USSR would have retaliated against the loss of one of their puppet nations. It would almost certainly have escalated to nuclear war between the supernations, and if the world was lucky it would have been reduced only to isolated pockets of petty tribes, monastic orders, and wandering mutants, rather than being totally destroyed for humanity and all other forms of life. Both sides were perfectly well aware of this, and so kept this "trivial little war" going as long as they possibly could; at least until it began to seem like there was half a chance for establishing a real peace, eventually. Looking at it that way, I hope you'll see that it wasn't really trivial at all. Anyone who died or suffered in any way because of that war did so, unwittingly, to save the entire world and civilization as we know it.

...About shows like Nowhere Man which serve as alibis of a sort. Plausible denial, as it were. Often such shows (and other forms of fiction) are used by people such as the ISC without the knowledge of the creator(s) of the fiction. They may want to hide something in plain sight. As with the example I mentioned, Nowhere Man. The series featured a photograph titled Hidden Agenda (viewer discretion is advised before loading the picture- some may find it objectionable). I can tell you, the photo itself was real. It would have potentially hurt some people in the real world, so a fiction was created around it and turned into a television series. That way, they wouldn't have to worry about the photo getting out. They put it out themselves, and precluded anyone from believing it was anything other than a prop in a fictional TV show. As for what the photo's actually about in reality or who was responsible for whatever it was, I'm afraid I never managed to discover such things. All I know is that it isn't just a prop. Do try to keep such things in mind when viewing, reading, or listening to any sort of fiction in the future. Sometimes it's more than it seems.

...About the literary industry. Agents, publishers, and so forth. The education industry's involved too, I think. They force us to type double-spaced, on one side of the paper. This forces us to use four times as much paper. You see, they've got a deal with the paper industry. Just thought you might like to know....

...About that line in Men in Black where K tells J that MiB holds "the patents on a few gadgets that we confiscated from out of state visitors." Well now, there's some truth in that. Think Sharper Image. (There's also some truth in Judd Hirsch's line in Independence Day about the government paying $800 for toilet seats. But that's another story....)

...About Y2K, do not overmuch concern yourselves, kids. Sometimes the government and/or various industries and/or secret societies like to throw something out into the public consciousness (sometimes even cleverly appearing to attempt to cover it up or deny it or belittle it), much as Watergate was explained in passing in Roger MacBride Allen's Evolving Conspiracy; something to make them and/or their predecessors look in some wise (beyond the normal public perception of such) incompetent, inept, what have you. So with Y2K, dear friends: no one was ever so foolish as to be caught in this trap, they were perfectly well aware of the potential problem all along, and things were designed so that the problem would appear to be present, though it would not appear or occur to most people until it was almost too late, with only a few years to "fix" the "problem," and there would be a rush to do so, and people would say they should have thought of this from the start... and of course, they left little if any chance, from the beginning, of there actually being any such problem. They created merely the appearance thereof. There has never been any genuine risk. Except... except for the meddling of outside forces attempting to take advantage of the perceived problems... But even such things are frequently dealt with, quietly... Usually with absolute success and little if any difficulty... Though some rare times, it may be close, and... Well, don't worry. That's the point, just don't worry.

more to come...

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